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This term we have been focusing on poems. So far we have done the Cinquain and Haiku poems. 

Below is one of my favourite Haikus I have written. It’s about a woman who is waiting for her husband to return from war. She is standing at a river under the Weeping Willow picturing him. I hope you enjoy! Leave a comment below.  

Orchard of beauty

Hush, hush, wait for him

You will see him there, waiting

Standing there just wait

Right there, on the edge

Under the Weeping Willow

A star at the moon 

See him smile there,

A rose scared by a thorn,

Think of him day and night

He will die alive

In an orchard of beauty

His soul will live on 

Be with him always

His soul is scarred, his face hurt

Dead in an orchard.

                               By me

Tell me about your knowledge on different poems. 

Talk to you soon!

By Grace