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Sovereign Hill

Let me take you back to the 1850s to see what going to school was like back then. 321……………….

Here we are in 1854. Shhhhhhh! Ma’am is coming this way. “All good over here miss Grace?” “Yes Ma’am.” Our Ma’am said that we had to think of the word ‘Ma’am’ as our full stop at the end of every sentence. She taught us the three Rs. Reading writing and arithmetic. (It was just for the sound, not the letters.) We had to wear Pantalettes, a dress and a kind of cape over the top. It wasn’t very big but it kept you warm. 

The Lolly shop is my favourite shop on the Main Street.Their raspberry drops are my all time favourite. My Aunty always sends me up to the candle store to buy some candles. She wants the tent to smell nice all the time. If I have some money left over, I can dip my own candle! But you always have to be on the lookout for those terrible Red coats! Shooting there bayonets 24/7! 


It’s 2019 again. There was so much to see at Sovereign Hill. One of my favourite parts was when we saw someone purify some gold. When it was set in the gold bar the man told us that it was worth about $200,000 Australian dollars. It was at the Gold Smelting Works. 

Have you been to Sovereign Hill? If so, what was your favourite part?


Talk to you soon!

By Grace


Market reflection!

The day it was

What and amazing day! It was totally worth getting up at 6:00am to get to school by 7:20am. We set up our store and products. We had a black board at the front of our stall with all the prices on it. 

Here come the preps! They were so cute! They marched in proud with there little hands clasping there precious $15. We soon found that we were putting out more items. After the preps came it was the year 1s turn. 

We got breaks to spend our $15. There was always another person looking after the stall though. We had Bath bombs, Pencil holders, Leather key rings, Leather book marks and a Nerf-gun game. In our group we raised $370.10c! And the whole of year 5 raised…………….. $6008.60c! All the money we raise goes to the  JMB Foundation. Check out there website at See you in my next post!

Do you like markets?

By Grace 

Our Year 5 Market!

Wizz PoP! BTWs!

On the 11th of June 2019, we have our annual year 5 market! We sell products that we make and raise money for the JMB Foundation. (James Macready-Bryan.) In our group we have 5 people and we all pitch in to make different products. We are making bath bombs, pencil holders, leather book marks, leather key chains and we are also hosting a Nerf-gun Game. 

We have been challenged to make print adds and digital adds. We need to persuade our audience to come to our stall in a few words and pictures. We are going to make a different poster for each product. We can only print 2 posters per group at school but we are allowed to print more at home. Below is one of our finished posters. 


Write a comment if you think anything needs to be worked on, or if you think it persuaded you!

By Grace