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Camp reflection

8:30am is when we leave. Off we go on a 4 hour bus trip. The road feels like it can stretch as long as it  would like. More tar = more road. And all I can see it tar, so that means more road. Going, going, stop…… finally I can see something different. Let’s give you the good news first, the dirt road means that we are almost there. The bad news it that it is still a road. More dirt = more road. And all that I can see is dirt, so that means more road. 

The bus stops. YAY!!! We have made it! We got our bags off the bus and wheeled them behind a cabin. To the meeting area we go. One of the outdoor-Ed staff told us what we would being now. A picture challenge. We would be given some pictures of very specific places around Toonallook that we did not yet know. There would be two letters around that area. My partner and I got 14 out of 40. The winning group got 

22 out of 40. I thought that was pretty good. 

We found our Cabins and got settled in. We would be Kayaking and Riding the next day. I was in a Kayak with Flynn. We worked really well and nearly won the race back. (We came 2nd.) We road to the beach and attempted to skim mussels. Imagine how well that worked out! 

 One night passed and we were all excited for the next. We would be camping out in tents! Here we were, setting up the tents. Most people had 2 others in their tent but I only had one other person. That made it a lot easier to move around. We had burgers for dinner and delicious biscuits for dessert! Then we all played a game of EMPIRE. We were about to go to bed when we were told to grab a handful of sand and come down to the Jetty. We all through the sand into the water and it shone blue. There were tiny plankton in the water that made it blue. Now it was time for bed. 

The next day it was so hot! We had toasted sandwiches for breakfast and off we went. Today we would be fishing and riding around Raymond Island. We took the boat while the other group took the bus. We started fishing but then got bored. We resolved in picking up Moon Jelly-Fish. Well, some people did. (Not me.) We road in 30°c heat. But the cute Koalas in the trees kept us going. We took the bus back and packed up our tents. 

My favourite activity was Kayaking. I haven’t done it in ages and it was good to be out on the water. A challenge was the heat. We had to stay hydrated and wear a ton of Sunscreen. I think that I used CONNECTEDNESS and COLLABORATION. I had to get to know different people and connect to them because of the different activities that were involved. We all had to work together. (Even the boys.) In everything that we did. We had to look out for each other and make sure that everyone was feeling OK. 


I can’t wait to go back to Toonallook next year and try out different  activities. We will be staying there for a week and trust me, I’m so excited! Talk to you all soon!

Do you have a favourite camp that you have gone to? Tell me why this particular camp has been you favourite one so far?

From Grace

My new Avatar!

Hi and this is my avatar. My name is Grace and this is as close as I could get it to look like me.

I have really blue eyes and light brown hair. (But I couldn’t find the right colour!) I do have earrings and very fair skin. I like to play basketball and I hope that one day I can become a Vet. Talk to you soon!

What does your avatar look like?