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Will it Float or FAIL?

Following on from my bouancy post, this is my science trailer where you get to meet all the materials we used, our results and how we conducted it. I hope you enjoy!

Do you know what BOUANCY means?

By Grace


Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls

Book Trailer!

My favourite book that I have read this year is Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls. I loved it because it’s all about girls that have done something amazing. There are lots of individual stories in it. If you like books that have a reasonably long read then Goos Night Stories For Rebel Girls is the Book for you


Tell me about your favourite book?

By Grace

Christmas nativity 2018!

Lights, Camera, Action!


“That was amazing” exclaimed all the year 3s, parents and special guests. We all bowed and thanked everyone for coming! Merry Christmas!

We have just done our Christmas nativity. We have worked day and night to prepare it. Ok, maybe I exaggerated a bit. We have put in every detail we could think of. From Mary visiting Elisabeth to Caesar ordering a census. Overall I think we worked our heart out to complete it. Everyone acted so well and even though I was only a narrator I learnt a lot. Like making your actions bigger than you would normally do it even though it feels weird, but it looks normal to the audience and slowing your words down so your pretty mush in slow motion, but of coarse it looks normal to the audience. 

When we went to perform at the elderly home we didn’t have a microphone and because they are getting older we had to speak louder, make our actions bigger and slow down a lot more. But it was still a lot of fun. In my opinion Christmas is the best time of the year! 

Who is your favourite character in the Christmas story? Why?

By Grace

CBCA Book awards 2018!

Book Awards!

And the winner of the book awards is …. Ok rewind. Right now we are about to find out which short listed book in the picture book section has one the GOLD AWARD!!! The six short listed books this year in the picture book list are Ten Pound Pom, The Great Rabbit Chase, Mopoke, A walk in the bush, Swan Lake and Florette. 

This year my class voted Mopoke as their favourite book. 

There is only one sentence on each page and it tells you what kind of poke it is.  My fav route book was Mopoke. My favourite poke was #%*@ poke! I think you can guess what that means. 

Now to press play again. 3 2 1… And the winner is A walk in the bush! Pause! Darnet! There was a lot of nooooooooooos just then. As I said earlier, I think everyone wanted Mopoke to win. Anyway, I think A walk in the bush won because it was very child friendly. The pictures were easy to understand and there wasn’t a lot of words. In think the moral of  A Walk In The Bush is that even though being indoors is cool, life is to  short to waste on being inside. The outside world is amazing.    

Was A Walk In The Bush your favourite book?

By Grace


What is the difference?

What do they mean?

Did you know that Homophones are two or more words which have the same pronunciation but different meanings and spellings. I worked with a partner, we chose a pair of homophones and linked these together in a short story. We hope you like it!

 What is your favourite homophone?

By Grace